Agarbatti for Lizards

People love agarbatti, or incense sticks, for their spiritual meaning and pleasant smell. But did you know that they can also keep snakes away? This article will explain how and why agarbatti can be used to keep lizards away.

How to Deal with Lizards in the Home

Lizards often come into people’s homes, especially in hot places. Even though they are helpful because they eat bugs, they are generally not welcome inside. A lot of people try to find ways to keep lizards away without using strong chemicals.

How Agarbatti Keeps Lizards Away

Strong Smell: Lizards can smell things very well, and some smells bother them a lot. – The strong smell of burning agarbatti can be too much for them, making your home less appealing. Researchers have found that some smells can keep small animals like lizards away.
Smoke and Heat: The smoke from the agarbatti can make the area uncomfortable for snakes. They like places that are cool and wet, and the smoke and heat from incense can scare them away.
Studies have shown that smoke can change the way small snakes act, making them look for safety somewhere else.
The Best Types of Agarbatti to Keep Lizards Away

Sandalwood: The strong, long-lasting smell of sandalwood incense can keep lizards away and make your home smell nice.
Citronella: – The strong smell of citronella smoke can keep lizards away, just like it keeps bugs away.
Lavender: – Lavender smoke makes people feel calm, but it makes lizards not want to stay around.
How to Keep Lizards Away with Agarbatti

Placement: Put the agarbatti near doors, windows, and other ways to get in. This helps make a wall that lizards don’t want to cross.
Regular Use: – Burning incense sticks on a regular basis will keep your home smelling fresh and strong, which will keep lizards away.
Use Agarbatti with Other Natural Methods: – To get better results, use agarbatti with other natural lizard repellents like onion slices or garlic slices.

Agarbatti is a natural way to keep lizards away that works well and smells good. Many kinds of incense sticks are sold by Pooja Paath. These sticks not only make your home smell great, but they also keep lizards away. You can enjoy a lizard-free and fragrant space with sandalwood, citronella, or lavender.